Refill CO2 in Alco2Jet can be expensive.

It costs between 10 Euro and 15 Euro to refill the 425 g at your local store. Calculated, this is about 22 Euro for 1 kilo. This is enough for 60 liters of CO2 water. 0,37 euros each liters CO2 water.


To refill 6 kilo Donor CO2 tank costs about 50 Euro. 8 Euro per kilo. 0,07 euros each liter of CO2 water.


The Donor CO2 tank can be quite expensive. But see it as a recycling pledge. You can easily sell it used later.

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  • victor temnoff:

    I just purchased one of your adapters for the sodastream bottle refill. However i have one concern, you mention the type of donor valve the adapter will fit onto but you do not mention the type of sodastream bottle thread. it is my understanding that there are various versions of the sodastram bottle threads depending on where in the world you are. see
    Will my Australian threaded sodastream bottle fit your adapter? if not I’d like to cancel my payment please.

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